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Pointless pundit produces more verbal diarrhea

Sky Sports summariser Andy Gray has further incited a number of fans, pundits and bloggers in the online football world by publishing his list of top 20 managers of all time. To be fair to Andy Gray he does limit the search space for his choices to people he has had the pleasure of knowing.

However the man who has a footballing cliche up his sleave for every minute of every day that graces us can find no more than a sentence to describe even his top pick (Jock Stein, first British team to win the European cup with Celtic with a squad based no more than 20 miles from Glasgow in 1967).  He also names Sir Alex Ferguson the most successful British manager in football history ever, but he’s still only 3rd best in Gray’s universe.

You can see the full list here (Disclaimer: Beware other scaremongering stories, as it is on the Daily Mail’s website).

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