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Guest post: Picking at the leftovers

A roast chicken dinner can form the basis of a very good week. Sitting at the dinner table after having devoured your feast you will be surrounded by the remains – one or two perhaps slightly soggy roast potatoes, a smattering of cold peas and carrots, maybe even a Yorkshire pudding as well. But you will certainly have the chicken’s carcass still before you.

Any good cook will tell you that the carcass of the chicken can be put to use after the meal is over, perhaps producing a fine soup or juicy gravy. There are bound to be scraps of meat left on the bone that will provide adequate sustenance.

At the end of the season the thought of sifting through the wealth of experiences and emotions the campaign has provided can appear daunting and overwhelming. The carcasses of relegated sides sit temporarily on the bottom of the League table before being unceremoniously dumped in the waste bin of the Division below, but there may be a bargain available for the more prudent eye.

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