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A reply from Javier Pastore – A Parisien adventure

You may remember some time ago we wrote to Javier Pastore shortly before he moved to PSG. Well he’s been there a few months now and we’ve finally heard back from the scoundrel. He ‘penned’ a short note to let us know how he’s been getting on in Paris with his new team mates and that sexy PSG kit.

Pastore penning a reply

Pastore penning a reply

Disclaimer: I received no such letter and this is a figment of my imagination.


Thanks for your letter, I enjoyed it very much. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but you know what it’s like when you move apartment, never mind move to a different country! How are things going with the website?

Things have started off quite well over here in Paris. I provided two assists in my second game, against Toulouse, which really helped me feel like I was part of the team and the following game against Brest I scored my first goal with this wonderful strike from just inside the area. It was quite a tight game, and my strike was the decider so I was chuffed.

Did you see my first goal against Montpellier? I just kept my eye on the ball, it came down from quite a height so all I had to do was put my laces on it and direct it into the far corner – one for the cameras for sure. I see that French Football Weekly named me player of the month for September, a truly humbling platitude. It was a good month for the team. PSG collected 13 points from 5 games and I managed to score 4 goals as well as the 2 assists. I think the most important goal came against Lyon though, I’m still not sure myself how I squeezed the ball home from such a tight angle – I expect the press have blamed the keeper for ‘not doing better at his near post’.

“I didn’t tend to score as often in Italy but it’s something I have been trying to add to my game and luckily things are working out in that respect.”

I’ve been enjoying messing around, the media have been keeping an intensely close eye on me though – even when I’m warming up. I thought I’d show them a trick or two. I didn’t realise how tough it’d be playing a game every 3 days. Things aren’t quite as easy at the moment as they were at the start of the season. I haven’t been able to impose myself on games as easily and the media say my smile has disappeared, the team isn’t really there yet in terms of unity and spirit. Too often we are trying to do things as individuals rather than collectively, but I have faith that that will come with time.

Of course I miss the sun and sea in Palermo, but Paris isn’t too bad either. I still haven’t been able to find a decent barber, but just the other day Chiara [Picone] and I headed to Disneyland which was lots of fun. Living in a hotel room can be a little bit glum, but hopefully I’ll find myself an apartment soon – somewhere to call home. Still, I realised I’m lucky to have what I have after I popped by to the homeless World Cup to wish Argentina good luck in August. I’m glad Salvatore [Sirigu] came to Paris with me, it’s always nice to have a familiar face in unfamiliar surroundings. He’s been doing well himself, having let a mere 11 goals in – it’s no wonder we’re top of the league.

I spoke to Josip [Ilicic] the other day, he seems to be getting on ok. They’ve had some great results, I saw the first game of the season against Inter – what a night! Josip said he hasn’t had the same freedom and that he’s having to battle for a starting spot with this new guy, Zahavi, but I have faith that he’ll pull through. I forgot to ask him if there was any truth in the rumours that Federico [Balzaretti] would be joining us soon.

I’d better be going now, I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,




Image from Wim Mulder on Flickr

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    Haha. Really enjoyable read Rocco. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. 

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