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Book Review: El Clasico by Richard Fitzpatrick

El Clasico, Barcelona and Real Madrid, is one of the biggest games in World football. Richard Fitzpatrick’s books subtitle goes further still, posturing that it is “Football’s Greatest Rivalry”.

Football's greatest rivalry?

Football’s greatest rivalry?

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Euro 2012 diary: Özil unable to link Germany

While the so-called excruciatingly named “group of death” looked tantalising on paper with 4 great teams together in one group, there is always the possibility that games between big teams can be a little dull – Germany versus Portugal was a perfect example of this. Germany were some way short of the benchmark set by pre-tournament hype, and Portugal were very deep and unadventurous for the first 70 minutes. The game could have had a different complexion had Mesut Özil been more involved in the link up play from the three-quarters line.
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Euro 2012 diary: Criticism harsh for the Netherlands

Despite qualifying for the tournament as the winners of Qualification Group H Denmark had been earmarked by many as the whipping boys of Group B – on the basis of having fewer well-known players and Nicklas Bendtner. Indeed, for the first 20 minutes of their opener against the Netherlands it appeared that even they believed this prophecy, as they were constantly ceding possession and territory to the Dutch. The Danes, though, were able to get revenge for a 2-0 defeat against the Dutch at the 2010 World Cup.
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Guest Post: Calling Doctor Petkovic

It’s been a while since any sort of update has happened on here, and for that I apologise profusely. In the mean time Lazio have been busy appointing a new Coach after Edy Reja parted ways with the Rome club. The new man, Vladimir Petkovic, is a relatively unknown Bosnian who comes over after a number of successes in Switzerland and a not so successful season in Turkey.

You can read a piece written for Football-Italia on the new technician.

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Side project: Ground Tweet

Ground Tweet application

Ground Tweet - a twitter football application

In conjunction with we have been working on a little application that is just a little bit of fun for people to play around with. GroundTweet shows you what football ground your followers would fill (or your tweets, if they were people).

Whether you use your own or someone else’s twitter account, have a go:

Bootiful Game – Ground Tweet

You can also read a more thorough description of the application on Bootiful Game.

Cesena suffer a difficult second Serie A season

Cesena were one of last season’s most loved upstarts, but after a catastrophic second season in the top flight look almost certain to remain rooted to the bottom of the table and return to the purgatory of Serie B.

The club had not featured in the top flight since the early 90s when they were relegated while under the guidance of a young Marcello Lippi, but following two promotions in three seasons their overflowing and vivacious fans would be unleashed on Serie A once more. Whether it was after their whirlwind defeat of Milan – a club whose wage bill was over 16 times greater – or after Emmanuele Giaccherini’s scuffed, deflected, safety-securing goal against Brescia, lowly Cesena were admired by many in Serie A last season.
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Milan-Juventus: What on Earth have you done now?

Here we are, almost a week after the fact, still scratching our heads and trying to work out what on Earth went wrong during Milan-Juventus. Commenting now is like turning up at half-past seven in the morning to a house party. The whole place smells of vodka, the living room is covered in empty bottles, there is vomit all over the stairs – Estigarribia, probably, he’s only small bless him – the upstairs bathroom door has been smashed in – I’m looking at you Mark Van Bommel – and some poor soul has had their head drawn on with permanent marker – Antonio Conte, eh?

Serie A recoils from its own form of vandalism

Serie A recoils from its own form of vandalism

Milan versus Juventus was supposed to be a title decider, in February. It would be the game from which the winner would march boldly towards another league title. Instead it was a phoney war, the presenting of arms in the week leading up to it racked up the tension and the shots fired from both sides after the match turned a good game into an irrelevant chain of disgraceful events.
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